The Dangerous and New Form of Transportation

As more and more information about climate change begins to surface, many people are now looking for solutions to make their commute a little greener. In urban areas, residents are choosing to ditch their cars for more eco-friendly alternatives. Some people choose to walk to wherever they need to be, while others are buying bus passes and reducing the amount of traffic on the roads. For distances that are too far to walk but too close to justify taking the bus, riding a bicycle has become popular in recent years. An alternative to both riding a bike and walking, electric scooters have been on the rise for the past few years.

Electric scooters often have a flat rate for riding them, and it becomes incrementally more expensive the farther you travel. These scooters provide a fast alternative to walking from point A to point B and don’t cause the rider to break a sweat in the same way that riding a bike would. With the rise of these scooters has come a new wave of injuries.

Many scooter enthusiasts have experienced difficulties when on their scooter. Some brands of scooter have been known to have faulty brake systems. When someone on one of these scooters is rapidly going downhill, it is possible that the brake system will fail, causing a crash. These scooters are often abandoned in alleyways or dumped on the side of the road once they have been used. In these scenarios, it is difficult for the scooter companies to maintain the scooters, and they end up with even more damage. Poorly-maintained roads also pose a threat to people on scooters, as one pothole could fling the rider off of the scooter, leading to bumps, bruises, and potentially even broken bones! When these situations occur, Jeffrey Caffee, Seattle personal injury lawyer is one of many lawyers who knows how to help the victims of scooter accidents get the appropriate settlements for the injuries they have suffered. It can be very confusing, trying to figure out who caused the accident.

A number of people could be held responsible for the collision; a negligent driver could have hit the victim who was on the scooter, the person riding the scooter might not have been paying enough attention to their surroundings, or the company in charge of maintaining the scooters might have done a poor job of keeping the scooters at peak performance capabilities. This confusion might lead to a person settling for a lump-sum settlement when they actually deserved much more. Before deciding whether or not to take the settlement, it’s important to get in contact with a lawyer who knows the ins and outs traffic and scooter law. The defendant will do whatever it takes to minimizes what they owe to the victim, and a personal injury lawyer is just the person to make sure the defendant is held accountable for his or her actions.